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What is Epoxy Floor

Epoxy Floor Coating in Texas

While there are several different types of epoxy flooring available, each of these types has a number of key elements in common. For example, the epoxy itself a combination of two substances, namely hardeners and resins. When these two substances are combined, a chemical reaction takes place and this results in forming a material which is very durable. This resulting material is very good at attaching itself to another surface, such as a concrete floor.

When used as a floor coating, epoxy creates a durable and resilient surface that resists scratches, chipping, and chemical abrasion.

If you are looking for a durable solution for your flooring needs and you would like to learn more about epoxy floor, please visit our Contact Page and get in touch with us. As experts on epoxy floors and staining concrete, we can help you determine the perfect flooring solution.

Epoxy Floor Treatments and Flexible Aesthetics

When we discuss your options for an epoxy floor, one of the things that you will need to consider is the vast range of colors and decorative elements that are available to you. There is no need to settle aesthetically because this type of floor treatment offers the flexibility to create different custom looks and appearances by combining multiple colors and patterns.

Whether you are interested in a more unique or exotic color, we can help. It is important not to underestimate how adaptable this flooring method can be.

Epoxy Floor Treatments and the DIY Question

What is Epoxy Floor

Unfortunately, we have seen many DIY epoxy flooring attempts end in failure, and in many cases, the costs involved rise significantly because it becomes necessary to simply begin the process from scratch again. This will require that the DIY attempt be undone in order to allow us to perform our work. In cases such as these, the homeowner could have saved money if he had called us to take care of the work from the beginning.

We have extensive experience in being called out after a DIY epoxy floor attempt has gone awry. We have found that one of the most common problems is that the epoxy layer is not properly attached to the substrate or surface underneath. As a result, the epoxy layer ends up peeling off. This is not only unsightly, but it also creates an inconvenience as well as potential risks of accidents for the people who have to use that floor.

We here at Classic Concrete Staining have the experience and expertise to make sure that this will not happen. We ensure that your floor not just durable and properly resistant to chemicals, we also leave your epoxy floor looking beautiful.

Learn More About Epoxy Floor

To bring the durability and pleasing appearance of epoxy to your floor, get in touch with us today using our Contact Page. We look forward to answering your questions and meeting all of your epoxy flooring needs.

  • NO Scratch
  • NO haze or milkiness
  • NO resealing every year, two, or three
  • A shine that lasts
  • An actual Stone appearance
  • Glue and Adhesive removed
Stain Colors
Cola Stain
Rust brown resembling old leather
Aqua Blue Stain
Soft blue patina with undertones of green
Vintage Umber Stain
Rich earthy brown
Black Stain
Tortoise shell black with brown marbling
Golden Wheat Stain
Amber hued undertones
Green Lawn Stain
Soft grey green resembling aged Italian marble
Malay Tan
Buckskin suede tone with caramel marbling
English Red Stain
Terra cotta with rust and soft brown hues